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Gin Carmina

Le Gin Carmina

    • Presentation

      Christian Drouin Estate continue to explore new combinations of flavours.

      After the launch of Le Gin de Christian Douin in 2015, the only gin made from more than 30 varieties of cider apples and 7 herbs selected for their perfect combination of apple and juniper aromas, Guillaume Drouin has created a new blend dedicated to red fruits.

      Carmina is made with the same principles as the original version of Le Gin; each botanical or fruit is macerated and redistilled separately in order to optimise the extraction of aromas. The distillates are then blended before bottling. This time the bouquet is summery. It combines flowers and fruit with the use of raspberry, blackcurrant, elderflower, vanilla, lemon and orange in addition to juniper and cider apple varieties from Normandy.

      Carmina's packaging retains the identity of Christian Drouin's Le Gin, but with a carmine red colour code, reminding us of the aromatic dominance of this new Gin, which offers delicious notes of raspberry and blackcurrant!

      To be enjoyed neat or as a Gin tonic, with a slice of lemon and raspberry topping.

    • Awards

      Bronze Medal, World Gin Awards, 2021, UK

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