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La Blanche Bio Amphora 60%

La Blanche Bio Amphora 60%

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      Coming from a plot of the Domaine's orchards located in Hiautre, in Gonneville sur Honfleur, La Blanche Bio 60% AMPHORA was produced from more than 20 historic varieties of cider apples.

      This high-stemmed orchard, run in Organic Farming since 2013, is a classic example of an orchard where cows and apple trees coexist. Collected from the ground over a period of more than two months, the washed, sorted and grated apples were pressed moderately so as not to extract more than 650 liters of juice per ton of apple.

      The apple must then fermented for a period of 4 months before being distilled twice in a pot still. Upon leaving the still, the Blanche was reduced to 60% vol and placed in an amphora for a period of 6 months. Passage in an amphora allows the eau de vie to be rounded while keeping the aromatic intensity at its peak.

      Tasting note:

      - Delicate and powerful aroma of raw apples, citrus fruits and pepper.
      - The palate is rich and suave.
      - The finish brings out scents of apple skin.

      "The production of Blanche is particularly interesting because it requires impeccable raw material and delicate know-how in terms of distillation. Through this Blanche, we sought to express with intensity all the richness of the aromas of cider apples.

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