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Gin Pira

Gin Pira

    • Presentation

      This new gin has a new star ingredient: pear.

      We have blended a variety of pear traditionally used to make pear cider in Normandy, known as Domfront, with juniper, vanilla, lemon, black pepper and iris root. A typical Norman cottage will have irises growing along the ridge of the thatched roof.

      Pira is crafted according to our original gin recipe, in which each ingredient is macerated and distilled separately in order to extract the full aroma. The distillates are then assembled just before bottling.

      Pira packaging replicates the visual identity of Christian Drouin Gin, but in a luscious raw green hue that brings pears to mind. It tastes of mouth-watering white fruit, black pepper and iris, as ever with the full-bodied flavour that has forged the reputation of gins by Drouin.

      Serving suggestion:
      Serve neat or with tonic water, with a sliver of pear or an elderflower to garnish.

      Limited edition
      Only #8,550 bottles on the market.

    • Awards

      Bronze Medal, International Spirit Challenge 2022 (UK)
      Bronze Medal, 86/100 IWSC 2021 (UK)

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