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October 20, 2021

Christian Drouin, a Calvados with a positive carbon footprint

In April 2021, we ordered a carbon audit of our business, which showed that we capture CO2 from the atmosphere, at a rate of 2.95 kg of CO2 for each bottle of Calvados sold.

Every year, the 11,000 apple trees used to produce our Calvados and the hedgerows around them absorb the equivalent of 605 tonnes of carbon, i.e. the equivalent of 100 hectares of forest. This more than offsets our business's indirect C02 emissions which come to 190 tonnes a year with the use of gas (during distillation), electricity, glass and cardboard, plus shipping.

All our fruit grows less than 15 km from our cider house. The bottles and boxes we use are manufactured less than 200 kilometres from our distillery. Our still is fitted with a state-of-the-art gas burner which helps reduce consumption. We also use a cider heater which draws on some of the heat emitted during distillation, which also helps reduce consumption.

Calvados Christian Drouin has always favoured time-honoured savoir-faire, underpinned by common sense and natural means of production.

With the implementation of sustainable farming practices handed down by our forebears, our estate steeped in heritage now produces one of the most virtuous spirits on earth!