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Calle 23 Angels

Calle 23 Angels

    • Presentation

      When we created this new Experimental range from Christian Drouin, our ambition was to explore new, unexpected and technical associations between Calvados and the greatest spirits from around the world.

      With a specialist in the Drouin team of agave in the person of Alexandre Mermillod,
      we quickly had the idea of working with former Tequila barrels, and so we approached one of the most iconic personalities of the profession who is Sophie Decobecq.

      Calle 23 Angels, is a 10-year-old Calvados Pays d'Auge which we have finished aging in two old Calle 23 Tequila casks. These casks had previously contained Tequilas from the Los Altos region produced from Tequilana Weber agaves.

      In the search for a perfect balance between the flavors of agave and that of apple, Calle 23 Angels is the blend of two finishings in former of Calle 23 barrels. A first
      filling and maturation of 13 months blended with a second maturation of
      4 months as a second filling of these two barrels.

      Tasting note:

      On the nose, powerful aromas of walnuts, olives and truffles dominate, before giving way to notes of white chocolate and stewed apples. The mouth is full and powerful. Final on aromas of grilled almonds. Experimental by Christian Drouin Calle 23 Angels offers a powerful marriage between agave and apple for a calvados with great character.

      This limited edition is only made of 1050 bottles.

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