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Foursquare Angels

Foursquare Angels

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      After exploring the islands of Jamaica, Trinidad & Tobago and Martinique, the latest calvados from the House of Drouin was crafted in former Foursquare casks for the 8th edition of Christian Drouin's Experimental range.

      Foursquare is an emblematic family distillery in Barbados. It produces world-renowned rums of great aromatic expression. A 17-year-old Pays d'Auge calvados was placed in 8 French oak barrels that had previously contained rums from the
      Foursquare distillery.

      After 17 months of maturation in these barrels, the calvados was removed and placed in freshly re-oaked barrels for a further 3 months before bottling.

      «Christian Drouin experimental Foursquare Angels» is one of the most intense and rich expressions we've produced in this range. The base was a powerful 17-year-old calvados. The rum casks delivered notes of brown sugar and vanilla, giving the calvados exceptional complexity and depth. However, when emptying the barrels, I thought that a further three months in freshly re-roasted barrels would further enhance the roundness and structure of this exotic marriage, for a perfect balance between these two worlds.»

      Guillaume Drouin


      - On the nose, this calvados awakens the senses with its bewitching aromas of ripe, roasted apples, delicate vanilla, smooth caramel and brown sugar.
      - On the palate, it reveals all its richness with smooth, harmonious flavors of tropical
      fruit, dark chocolate and sweet spices.
      - The finish is long and powerful, opening with notes of pine nuts and almond.

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