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J.M Angels

J.M Angels

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      France has a long tradition of rum production. French agricultural rums have the particularity of being made directly from the distillation of fermented sugar cane juice. These are powerful rums with a particularly complex aromatic palette.

      To develop this 7th edition of Christian Drouin's Experimental range, we turned to the French island of Martinique and to one of the oldest and most emblematic distilleries on the island. JM Angels is a 10-year-old Calvados Pays d'Auge that has spent an additional 8 months in 6 former French rum barrels that have previously contained VSOPs of the great JM rums.

      "It's a fairly tender and gourmet Calvados that we chose for this association with the world of agricultural rum. The rum barrel gives the Calvados a vanilla caress and an extra roundness. JM Angels is probably the most delicate finish we've made in this range with old rum barrels."
      Guillaume DROUIN

      Tasting Notes:

      The nose opens with notes of vanilla, brown sugar and toast before releasing aromas of roasted apple and apricot.
      The palate is frank, with a nice balance between power and roundness, skin and apple seed on the finish.

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